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The ZEDPROOF GO-BAG MINI is a complete Bug Out Bag compressed down to the size of a small Get Home Bag without any compromises. This survival kit includes a full set of survival tools, rations, shelter, safety and hygiene supplies, and a complete trauma first aid kit.

The survival tools, shelter, and first aid supplies are all readily accessible and organized in individual, removable MOLLE pouches. This kit comes fully assembled and poly-bagged. There is no wasted space in this fully stocked sling pack. There is enough leftover space in the front pocket of the main sling for spare socks/underwear and your favorite snack or vital medications. The body side of the pack has a CCW pouch.

This is the perfect survival kit for your office, car, etc. One customer even attached this to their commuter bicycle! The feedback on this kit has been extremely positive, so we are confident our Go-Bag Mini will exceed your expectations.

Main Sling
• LED Solar Flashlight
• 2X Water Bottle Hooks (just attach 2 standard water bottles for additional H20)
• Work gloves
• Ten Aquatabs (purify 10L of water)
• Poncho
• Mylar blanket
• Distress Banner
• Military energy gum
• Mini AAA FM AM radio
• Portable AA usb charger (recharge your smartphone with AA standard batteries)
• Hygiene Kit (1oz Freshsent Shampoo / 5oz Freshsent Bar shoup / 5oz Freshsent Stick Deodorant / 6oz freshmint Toothpaste / Toothbrush / Two shave cream packets / Single blade Razor / Comb / 2X Cotton Swabs / 2X Q-tips / File)
• Safety Goggles
• N95 Mask
• 6” industrial light stick
• 1 Gallon Water Carrier (load up an additional gallon of water in an emergency)
• 400 Calorie energy bar
• 3600 Calorie Food Bar
• 4X 200ml drinking water
• Survival Mini Axe
• 5X AA and 2X AAA Batteries

Shelter Pouch
• 5ft x 7ft ripstop tarp
• 25ft paracord
• 4X tent stakes
• Hand trowel

Tool Kit
• Mini AA Flashlight LED torch
• Fire Starter (Ferrocerium)
• Mini Sharpie
• Mini Compass
• Multi-tool
• Whistle
• Signal Mirror
• Duct tape
• Waterproof notebook
• Tactical Pen / Glass Breaker
• Folding knife with 4” blade

First Aid Kit
• Medical tape
• Tourniquet
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Triangular bandage
• 2X 2” x 4” bandages
• 2X 1” x 3” bandages
• CELOX Clotting Agent
• Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer and Wound Care, 1.7 oz.
• Povidone Iodine First Aid Antiseptic Swab Kit
• Gauze 2” x 5yd
• Sterile eye wash
• Israeli Battle Dressing
• Surgical gloves
• 2X compressed towels
• Combine Pad (5” x 9”)
• Tissue Pack
• White Petrolatum
• Chap Stick
• 2X oval Eye Pads
• 4X Adhesive strips
• 2X J&J Nu Gauze
• 2X 3/4" x 3” bandages
• 4X 1/2" x 2 1/4" bandages
• 4X Insect Repellent (DEET Free)
• 4X sunscreen SPF30 (PABA Free)
• 4X burn Gel
• 4X Triple Antibiotic
• 4X Aspirin